Anglican Trinity Boys' and Girls' Guild

It consists of three departments


Membership is open to all children in the Diocese, of ages between four to six, seven to nine, and ten to fourteen.


To develop the children spiritually, socially, physically and mentally, and to empower them with the word of God to face the challenges of life in their time and generation.


To witness for Christ (Acts. 1:8)


ATBGG! Soldiers of Christ!!

Aims and Objectives:

  • To train up the child in the way the child should go, and when child is old, he will not depart from it' (Prov. 22:6)
  • To enhance character formation of obedience and discipline.
  • To know and believe in God.
  • To have the fear of the Lord and respect for parents and elders.
  • To seek the deeper knowledge of God through Bible study, meditation and prayer always.
  • To be courteous, polite and considerate.
  • To acquire and develop skills and talents for physical and spiritual growth.
  • To endeavor to attend church services and programs regularly.
  • To be available to serve the church of God and God's people.
  • To participate actively in worship and also use God's given talents to glorify God.
  • To be obedient to the leadership and authority of the church and of ATBGG.
  • To abstain from all immoral and -ungodly behavior practices.

The Pledge:

I pledge to Almighty God and the Anglican Diocese of the Trinity that, I will exhibit true Christian virtues and be a light to the World; that I will show respect to my elders and observe all tenets of our Christian culture in accordance with Biblical Faith and Anglican tradition; and that I will believe in the triune God.


Rededication service shall hold annually in all parishes of the Diocese.

Annual Anniversary/ Enrollment:

While the anniversary is an annual event throughout the Diocese, enrolment shall be arranged /organized at the parish level by the Rector in consultation with the appropriate Archdeaconry-coordinators and the ATBGG Chaplain Missioner.

Christmas Party:

Every parish shall organize an annual Christmas party for the ATBGG members in the month of December.

Guild and the Lord’s Prayer:

Every member shall endeavor to learn to heart and be able to recite Guild's and the Lord's prayers.


Bishop / PATRON >> Bishop’s Wife / MATRON >> Chaplain Missioner >> Diocesan Coordinator >> Archdeaconry Coordinators >> Parish Coordinators

ATBGG Officials/Leadership Team

Patron: The Diocesan

Matron: Diocesan President of Women Ministry/Mama ADOTT

Suffragan Bishops

ATBGG Chaplain Missioner

Diocesan Coordinator

Archdeaconry Coordinators: One representative from each archdeaconry:

The Archdeaconry coordinators are presently composed as follows:
  • Mrs. Eko - Mid Atlantic / Secretary
  • Mrs. Njideka Emele - North East
  • Mrs. Maduka - Mid West
  • Mrs. Adetoro - New England
  • Mrs. Baseme Anyanwu - Transfiguration
  • Mrs. Omowunmi Adebiyi - Cathedral Deanery
  • Mrs. Oluwabukonla Adenekan- South
  • Mr. Chinda God knows - Canada West
  • Mrs. Caroline Oyinlola - Canada East
  • Mrs. Charity Njoku - East Mid West
  • Mr. Ugonna Ejimole - Pacific

The Three Levels of ATBGG Organization:

Parish / Church:

The Executive Members at Parish Level: The executive members at parish level shall include:

Rector’s wife who shall coordinate all programs and activities and be fully responsible for the management of the Guild to be assisted by other clergy wives (where applicable)

ATBGG Secretary who shall minutes of meetings and all necessary records;

Sunday school Teachers.

The programs of ATBGG at the parish level shall conform to the diocesan program as may be appropriately outlined.
The activities may include teaching on value, domestic science, band and parades, home-management, Bible quiz, interior decoration, house cleaning, debates, music/instruments training etc. but not limited to these programmes which will be in line with the Diocesan annual program. The Parish level is expected to be the strongest in the area of impartation and activities.
Clergy wives will be in charge of the Guild in the Parish, otherwise the Rector/Priest in charge of the Parish shall appoint a Woman Leader to be in charge of the Organization in the absence of the clergy wife.
The Parish coordinator is responsible to the Archdeaconry Coordinator and he / she is expected to attend meetings for ease of information dissemination.

Archdeaconry Level:

Archdeaconry Executive Members shall include:

a. The Archdeacon's wife;

b. Archdeaconry Coordinator, appointed by the wife of the Archdeacon and who would be responsible to the Diocesan coordinator. He / she is a member of the Diocesan sub-committee, where the Diocesan Chaplain Missioner is the Committee-Leader, The Coordinator is expected among other duties to call meetings as may be directed by the Archdeacon’s wife;

c. All Clergy Wives in the Archdeaconry

The activities at Archdeaconry level may be bi-annual or as it may be approved and directed by the Archdeacon. The programs and activities shall be; Bible quiz, debates, decorations, sports, cooking contest, fashion parade, seminars / conference for teachers and so forth.

Diocesan Level

The Diocesan Executive Members shall include:

  1. The Diocesan
  2. Mama ADOTT
  3. Suffragan Bishops
  4. The Director of the Directorate for Youth and Children Ministry
  5. The ATBGG Chaplain Missioner
  6. Diocesan Coordinator
  7. Archdeaconry coordinators

Activities at the Diocesan level are annual, and may include;

Teachers training conference, exhibitions, arts and crafts, Bible Quiz and so forth.
The Bishop shall appoint a Priest as Chaplain Missioner to co-ordinate and oversee the activities of the organization at the Diocesan level and he shall be a member of the Directorate of Youth Ministry of the Diocese.
Members of the ATBGG will wear their uniforms and badges at all official activities and programs while the Guild will display its Banner at different levels. Every registered member will be issued with ATBGG identity membership card.