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Anglican Diocese of The Trinity

The Anglican Diocese of the Trinity (ADOTT) is a Diocese of the Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion. ADOTT is a member of the Church of Nigeria North American Mission (CONNAM) — a missionary initiative of the Church of Nigeria.

ADOTT is a full-fledged ecclesiastical unit that operates primarily as a missionary, evangelical and church planting movement and jurisdictionally has cluster of churches and congregations in North America.

ADOTT is composed of believers who are united by a common faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the commitment to be Christ-centered. The Diocese believes in the Scripture as the sole authority of God’s word and promotes spirit-filled liturgical worship.


To build a Christ-centered, multicultural, multiracial, Bible-based church that believes in the apostolic teaching and is sensitive to human needs


To harvest the world for Christ



Directorate of Youth and Children

The ACCR Sunday school is the Children ministry of the Anglican Cathedral Church....

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The Anglican Trinity Youth Movement (ATYM) is the youth and young adult ministry of the....

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To develop the children spiritually, socially, physically and mentally....

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Sunday School

The ACCR Sunday school is the Children ministry of the Anglican Cathedral....

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Directorate of Lay Ministers and Evangelists

The Directorate of Lay Ministers/Evangelists involved men and women desirous to serve....

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Directorate of the Cornerstone and the Good Samaritan

The diocesan, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, established the Cornerstone....

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Directorate of Knighthood

One unique blessing enjoyed by the ADOTT is the heterogeneity of members..

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Directorate of Medical and Health care outreach

The ADOTT Medical and Health Care Outreach Ministry was created by the Diocesan....

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Anglican Diocese of the Trinity Mothers’ Union & Women Guild

It is an organization formed toward the advancement of Christian religion.....

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