The Directorate of Lay Ministers/Evangelists involved men and women desirous to serve God through the propagation of the gospel within Diocese which stretched across North America (USA and Canada). Lay people who have zeal and passion for the Great Commission and willingly volunteered their commitment to it. Quality times have been and is being taken for their disciplining and mentoring on how to be effectively involved in their local Church in fulfilling the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Due to the missionary outlook of the Diocese and in an effort “to build a Christ –centered, multicultural, and multiracial, Bible –based church that believes in the apostolic teaching and is sensitive to human needs, the Diocesan Bishop The Rt. Rev. Amos Fagbamiye created this Directorate and surnamed it from what was usually called Lay Readers. He thus promotes the ministry of the Laity in discipleship ministry, mission and Evangelism.

According to Dempsey “Disciple making is not running a program; it is investing in people.”2 Through a structured training syllabus we invested time to groom and disciple every member of the group at entrance stage, who at the completion of training (with the structured syllabus) earns a Medal and became a licensed member of the group able and eager to disciple others and engaged in the Great Commission. Through annual retreats programs, teleconference prayer meetings and oversight function of the parish Rectors, the members continued to receive mentoring.

The ministry of Apollos could not have been better without the effort of Priscilla and Aquila Acts 18:26. “but when Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained the Way of God to him more accurately.” The Lay Ministers/Evangelists having learnt how to conduct Matins/Evensong and mastering the preparation/delivery of sermon serve and assist in the local Church at the directive of the Rector. There are some Lay Ministers/Evangelists who have eventually received the call to the ordained ministry and those Knighted for their dedication and excellent performance.

Requirements for membership.

  • (a) After due consultation with the local church, intending member must complete and forward our application checklist, supported by the Rector’s recommendation. The Diocesan wishes to see from the application a genuine interest and conviction of the intending members. Both the application and recommendation of the parish rector help the Diocesan form an opinion.
  • (b) At the approval of the Diocesan, such candidates undergo a training session with the chaplain (Online) while the rector plays an observatory role at the parish level.
  • (c) Assessment report and subsequent Licensure of the Candidate by the Bishop.

The Lay Minister’s Vestments

  • Vestments are worn as ceremonial garments or official robes during services
  • Approved Vestments for all licensed Lay Ministers / Evangelists in ADOTT remain the white cassock (single-breasted), a Coater surplice (square neck) worn over the cassock, with the official medallion. Women evangelists wear a black cap with yellow rope (similar to the doctoral graduation tam).
  • The cap and the medal are sold by the Directorate on demand.