One unique blessing enjoyed by the ADOTT is the heterogeneity of members.. People from various cultural and national identities who found themselves in the United States of America and Canada have been recruited by the Lord to build the membership of ADOTT.

The Faculty of Knighthood was set up by the Diocesan, the Rt Rev Amos Fagbamiye, with the following policy statement " We hope that it is very convincing that the Anglican Knighthood is not a secret cult , neither is it a club of the elite or wealthy. Rather, it is an extension of the call of Christ on every Christian to participate in contending for our faith in Christ through personal witness and righteous living.. In the Anglican Diocese of the ;Trinity,we intend to recognise and encourage lay men and women whom we are convinced are called by God to defend the faith once handed over to us by the Saints. Those whose life reflect sacrifice and faithful witness to the Gospel of Christ through their Lifestyle, and services in their local Churches/ Parishes, Archdeaconries and the Diocese. Therefore [;a] Knighthood is part of the life of the Diocese solely to enhance ADOTT mission [b]Knighthood shall be earned and not purchased ,Knighthood is not for sale.

Membership of the Council of ADOTT Knights

ADOTT welcomes with open arms Knights from other Dioceses who find themselves in the United States.ADOTT started building the membership of this Faculty by recognising and honoring those dedicated members whose life reflect sacrificial and faithful witness to the Gospel. The Diocesan chose and collated the Pioneer Archdeacon for Knighthood, Venerable Paul U. Aduba, on Sunday,July 14 2013.

Then a working Constitution was written and approved in 2015. The first six [6] people, with their spouses were investitured in 2014. About a year later, two others were investitured. The third investiture service was held for the next set of eight [8] people in 2016, that included two Dames.

After this, the Chaplaincy for Knighthood changed, effective April 15, 2018 from Ven Aduba to the Ven Oluyinka Eniade.The eleventh one was Knighted a few weeks later. About nine [9] others are currently being prepared for their investiture later in 2020..

Roles of the Knights

They are present at various Diocesan events like the Synod, Ordination, and Collation Services. They add color to the procession of the Diocesan and his team of Clergymen and the Choir.

Activities of the Knights

They meet monthly and continuous, yearly financial supports for the Diocesan Synod. ADOTT knights meet monthly. The Executive members meet as the situation demanded. The maiden " Cornerstone" Magazine of the Council was born during the Synod in 2018, It contained rich articles for the edification of all members of the Diocese as well and Christians. Another edition of the magazine is in the works.

The appointment of Grand Commanders

During the Synod of 2019, three member--Knights were recognized and elevated as Grand Commanders of Knighthood Their decoration comes up later 2020. To God be the Glory for the establishment of this Faculty in ADOTT, which now has a total of thirty- three {33] Knights including five [5] Dames.

The Venerable Oluyinka Eniade
Chaplain for the Directorate of Knighthood in ADOTT.