Directorate of Youth and Children Ministry

It consists of three departments

Sunday School
Anglican Trinity Boys and Girls Guild ATBGG
Anglican Trinity Youth Movement ATYM


The ACCR Sunday school is the Children ministry of the Anglican Cathedral Church of the Resurrection. The main goal of this ministry is to adequately provide spiritual, mental, and emotional growth to children ages two years old through 12 years old. In addition, the Sunday school also caters to the spiritual needs of teenagers from ages 13 to 19.

Also, this ministry intends to meet the needs of new mothers, providing them with no excuse to come to church, as we strive to also provide a spiritual environment for infants. Our classes are broken out into 4 groups; preschool ages, Elementary school age, Middle school ages, and the Teenagers. Our services take place every Sunday, and are structured to correspond with Church events, activities and occasions. We worship in the main sanctuary every first Sunday of the month.

Every Sunday, all children are assembled in a ‘common room’, where we have our worship and general prayer before they are being dismissed to their respective classes. This also provides an avenue for the kids to give testimonies and share stories and events about their week. Sunday school activities and lessons are coordinated using a structured yearly curriculum from the Church of Nigeria.

The ACCR Sunday school is the fastest growing ministry in the Church. With this, we are always in need of dedicated teachers, and volunteers. We know that God has a special place in His heart for these Children, and we are committed to provide the best guidance. Please contact any of the Children Ministry Coordinators, or ACCR office if you have a calling to join us in this wonderful and rewarding ministry

Rejoice! And in all things give thanks.